How to Play Penguin Points!

Get ready for the best internet Bingo on the web! 

Basic game play is just like classic bingo. Daub the squares, complete the pattern and click BINGO!  How about some detail?

  1. Daub the Squares – As the balls are called, use a mouse click to Daub the square or squares with the matching letter and number. “Daub” is the classic Bingo term for the ink spots used to mark Old School bingo cards.
  2. The pattern you must complete to win is determined by the Game Room you enter from the Penguin Points Lobby. Penguin Points features lots of winning patterns, so make sure you have the correct pattern before clicking BINGO! The Penguin Room is home to Classic Bingo where you win with any row, any column, or all the corners. BINGO!
  3. When you complete the correct pattern, click “BINGO” below the Bingo Game Board to claim your win and capture more points. Easy, right?

Yes! Now, how do you win PRIZES? 

Earn prizes by collecting Penguin Points.

Check out the ways to earn rewards:

  • Register.  Simple registration: Username, Email, Password… done.
  • Daily Check-in .  Log in every day and earn daily rewards!
  • Earn Rewards for EVERY Bingo game you complete!
  • Every Daub you make earns Penguin Points. Keep on playing!
  • Boosts drop all kinds of rewards onto your game board!
  • Earn Rewards by completing the Big 5 Collection!

Power Boosts make Bingo exciting! How do they work?

During the game, Boosts help you play faster and earn more rewards. Plus, it’s the only way to collect animal cards and complete your Big 5 Collection. It works like this:

  1. Make three (3) successful Daubs to activate a Boost.
  2. Click the Boost button to drop the Boost Rewards onto your game boards.
  3. To earn Boost Rewards, successfully daub a square with a Boost.

    Boosts are awesome! They help you earn Points, Free Daubs, and Collection Cards. There’s even an Instant Win Bingo Tile!

    Here’s the full Rewards list:

    • Free Square
    • Bonus Points
    • Instant Win
    • Big 5 Collectables.